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Marland Family Exhibit

The Marland Family Exhibit is on the second floor of Lydie's Cottage. This interpretive exhibit features photographs, personal items and memorabilia associated with the Marland's.

Visitors learn about Marland's childhood and education, the migration from Pennsylvania to Ponca City in 1908, his life with family and friends as well as his contributions to his community and state.

Photographs of the Marland family at play illustrate their love of show horses, polo ponies, and foxhunts. Also on display are photographs focusing on their extravagant lifestyle and love for beauty. The two homes Marland built in Ponca City are primary examples.

Marland's political years are also interpreted, including his campaigns and accomplishments as a Congressman and as Oklahoma's tenth governor. The exhibit ends with a brief explanation of his death in 1941 and the fate of his widow and the Marland Mansion.


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