Marland Estate

Palace on the Prairie


Dining Room

Dining Room

The formal dining room, which can seat 20 for dinner, has a certain royal ambiance. The hand-carved mantel and the wood walls in this room are a very rare type of oak, Pollard oak, which was cut by special permission from the royal forests of England. The wood was then shipped to Boston where all of the decorative carving was done. Once the carving was completed, the wood was packed in water for protection, then shipped to Ponca City.

The wall sconces are Sheffield plate, an unusual alloy of silver and copper. As you tour the mansion, you will see many examples of E.W.'s love for hunting and dogs and horses. The imported stained glass windows depict English hunting scenes.

Mr. Marland loved his hounds. He had a kennel of hunting dogs he used for fox hunts. His love for his canine friends is evidenced both in the structure of the house and its furnishings.

The use of sporting dogs throughout the mansion accents the comfortable, hunting-lodge feeling found in many of the home's rooms.

Although there are many things E.W. Marland is remembered for, one he would be the proudest of was his hospitality.

He loved opening his home to guests and he would enjoy having you visit in person.