Marland Estate

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The South Terrace

 Leading away from the south terrace, towards the city, there was a grass pathway lined with trees and statues, hence the name, Monument Road. This distance was traveled on foot only and was opened at all times for public use. The bronze statues included a plainsman, a cowboy, an Indian Chief, an Indian Maiden, and Belle Starr, a female outlaw.

It was said that Mr. Marland enjoyed standing on this terrace and looking down what was once called “Pioneer Woman Vista.” From here, Mr. Marland could see approaching visitors, the Pioneer Woman Statue, and the roof of his first home.

Parts of the drainage system are visible on this side. The gutters, drain pipes and water boxes are made of lead and bear the initial, “M,” and the date, “1927.” The drainage of the south terrace came through a carved head of Pan (on the south face of the terrace wall) emptying the runoff from his mouth into the well under the front terrace.




Accenting this balcony are corbels carved with flowers.

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