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Original Artist Studio

The unique design of the Artist Studio features a two-story peaked roof structure on the south and north, with two one-story galleries and an arched walkway in between. Located on the grounds north of the mansion, the limestone exterior with red clay tile roof matches the other original buildings on the estate, and is highlighted by an unusual vertical sundial on the south exterior wall.

Marland originally had the Artist Studio built for Jo Davidson, sculptor of the three Marland family statues. In the south building, the immense front room of the studio has a large skylight, creating a perfect working area for the artist. Timbers from one of Marland's first oil well derricks form the vaulted ceiling and balcony.

On the south exterior wall of the Artist Studio is an unusual vertical sundial. Originally, a peg in the sun’s mouth cast the shadow that told the time.






The Bryant Baker Gallery & Artist Studio

The exhibit rooms of the Studio are the home of the Bryant Baker Gallery. Baker sculpted the famous Pioneer Woman Statue.

The John Duncan Forsyth Room is located in the Artist Studio building. A tribute to the Master Architect of the Marland Estate, the room includes original drawings of the Artist Studio and a collection of photographs of the Davanzati Palace.

The north building of the studio was referred to as the Guest House during Marland's time. Several of the artists who were helping create the magnificent interior of the mansion stayed here. In the early 1930's, when they could no longer afford to live in the mansion, E.W. and Lydie moved into the Guest House, and only opened the mansion for parties and special occasions. During Marland's political years, they returned here some weekends. When Marland's term as governor was over, he and Lydie moved back into the Guest House until the remodeling was finished at the chauffeur's cottage.

The Marland Oil Museum, which occupies the north building of the Artist Studio is a tribute to E.W. Marland and the innovations he made in the petroleum industry that are still in existence today.

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